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Compressed Air Solutions For The Food and Beverage Industries

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Thorite is a leading UK supplier of compressed air, pneumatics, vacuum and process solutions

Thorite can design a total energy efficient system compliant with all UK and international quality control requirements. Whether it is pressure generation, food grade air treatment, transmission & control, point of use pneumatic equipment suitable for wash-down or contamination control. By carrying out a comprehensive survey Thorite can ensure all your compressed air and vacuum applications and requirements meet the demands for efficient, cost effective, reliable, health & safety and quality controlled applications.

A clean bill of health

Protect against production downtime & potential litigation

To ensure you comply with Air Quality Standards Thorite provide compressed air solutions that help keep contamination at bay and ensure compliance with all the relevant UK and international standards. Whatever your requirements, Thorite can help ensure your air quality meets all expectations.
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We'll drink to that!

Save energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Thorite provides compressed air solutions that can help meet government energy reduction requirements and achieve environmental targets by increasing air usage efficiency within your production processes. We can advise control systems to operate your compressed air plant in the most effective manner as well as methods to reduce air leakage.
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So clean you could eat your dinner off it

Ensure your compressed air products are resistant to causitc solutions & reduce the risk of contamination

It is vital that the food and beverage industries have compressed air products that ensure efficient production processes, as well as being resistant to caustic solutions and also reduce the risk of contamination. Thorite provides compressed air automation solutions for the food industry that are designed to ensure clean lines and withstand wash down processes.
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