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Floor problem? No problem accept the challenge!

Floor problem? No problem  accept the challenge!

Tuesday 29th May 2018

There are some jobs that no factory maintenance team or contractor is going to want. And right at the top of the list will be anything that has set hard to the floor. Industrial strength adhesives, foundry and weld splatter or that absolute favourite, Marley tiles. In fact, anything that has stuck hard to a floor because these jobs are hard work, time consuming and utterly soul destroying.

But Thorite has the answer and it comes in the form of the Trelawney Floor Stripper. There is nothing subtle about this piece of equipment. A vibratory scraper blade is attached to a lance which, in turn, is attached to a suitable compressor. Does it work? Yes it most certainly does and Richard Vaughan, Thorites Marketing Manager is so confident that he has thrown open a challenge to any customer: “Challenge us to solve your factory floor issue and, if we accept, we will give you a free demonstration and, if you choose to buy a Trelawney Floor Stripper at the time, we will reduce the price by 10%.”

“The Trelawney isn’t just a floor stripper. With a chisel attached one of a number of different attachments the Trelawney becomes a very effective lightweight demolition tool. There are some very informative videos available on the Thorite website. Click on Publications and Videos to see what the Trelawney is capable of.”

So, are you going to accept Richard’s challenge? For more information please contact Thorite on 0800 034 5850 or visit

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