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Thorite launches new air purity testing service

Friday 7th January 2005

Bradford-based compressed air and fluid processing specialists, Thorite, announce the launch of a new service which tests the purity of compressed air for breathing.

Current COSHH regulations stipulate that any company with operators using air supplied to face masks, such as in spray painting or other industrial process applications, must have the purity of the compressed air supply checked every three months, as a minimal requirement.

Thorite's specially trained testers are now available to visit factories throughout the UK and check any compressed air supply for a wide variety of potential contaminants.

These include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil vapour and odour, water and water vapour. At the same time, Thorite's test equipment measures oxygen content, flow rate and air supply temperature.

A test certificate is then prepared, stating the precise results of each aspect of the test, enabling Thorite's customers to ensure their staff are not being subjected to any of the above health risks.

Should contamination problems be identified with an air supply Thorite's experienced engineers can be called in to carry out rapid remedial work.

The new service can be arranged from any of Thorite's eight regional Sales and Service Centres, or by contacting their head office direct.

Speaking at the launch of the testing service Ross Gowler, Thorite's Marketing Director, said: "There is a significant health risk for operators who breathe contaminated air from compressed air systems. I am delighted that our new service enables these risks to be eradicated and that our customers can be confident that they comply fully with the latest Health and Safety regulations, simply by booking an air purity test on a regular basis."

EEF - The Manufacturers' Organisation -- The Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier -- CHAS - The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme -- BCAS - British Compressed Air Society -- SafeContractor Approved
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