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Thorite's Leeds open day welcomes the President

Thorite's Leeds open day welcomes the President

Monday 16th April 2007

Rodney Stafford, President of the British Compressed Air Society, will be guest of honour at the official opening of Thorite's new Leeds Sales and Service Centre on April 19th.

The Centre's Open Day marks another milestone in Thorite's long association with industry in the city, as the company's original Leeds branch, which opened in 1960, was notable for being the first dedicated distributor of pneumatic equipment anywhere in the UK.

Thorite is justifiably proud to maintain its 47 year history in association with its many local customers and is still the main supplier of pneumatic equipment to the Leeds area.

Visitors to the Open Day event, which runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm on April 19th and 20th, will be able to meet representatives and see displays from some of the major manufacturers of compressed air equipment in the UK, including Norgren, Compair, Gast and HPC, as well as taking advantage of special Open Day prices and raffles.

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