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Plagued by orange peel, streaks, runs and sags? Download the 'Spray It' guide for a perfect finish!

Thursday 19th April 2007

Spray painting has often been described as a "black art", which has led compressed air products and systems specialist, Thorite, to produce the ultimate guide to spraying, downloadable free of charge from the Thorite website.

Spray It is aimed at the novice paint sprayer and sets out to completely de-mystify the subject, by setting out in simple terms the how, why and what of achieving a professional-quality spray finish.

The guide covers everything from a detailed anatomy of a spray gun, differing paint feed systems and the benefits of using HVLP spray gun technology. The best ways of spraying specific areas of automotive bodywork are described in detail and accompanied by a useful "hot tips" section.

The guide also contains a comprehensive Trouble Shooting section which explains how to correct defective spray patterns, as well as how to solve problems during application.

The publication rounds off with a spray gun maintenance section, giving do's and don'ts for better spray gun efficiency.

Thorite stocks a huge range of spray guns, hoses, filter regulators and accessories - by combining the best equipment with the advice in the Spray It guide anyone can master the art of a flawless finish, everytime! The complete Spray It guide can be quickly downloaded by simply visiting the Thorite website on

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