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Move up to rodless cylinders

Friday 23rd May 2008

Whilst most engineers appreciate the benefits of the clean simplicity and versatility of pneumatic actuators, many have still to appreciate the advantages of Norgren's range of Rodless cylinders.

By eliminating the piston rod of a conventional cylinder, then adding a carriage and bearing, the three main benefits inherent in the design become apparent:

  1. very long lengths are available (up to 8.5m) - even hangar doors could be opened!
  2. reduced space requirement - effectively half the length of an equivalent piston rod cylinder
  3. reduced costs resulting from not having to design and source a separate guide

Common applications for the range of rodless cylinders include conveyor transfer, pick & place, operating doors, positioning machine carriages and lifting. However, with over 20 years of development and improvement in areas such as sealing and wiper arrangements the scope of uses for rodless cylinders has increased.

Applications can now include quite "aggressive" environments in engineering and food production, including machine tool loading, bottling and even skinning animal carcasses.

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