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BekokatŪ for totally oil-free compressed air

BekokatŪ for totally oil-free compressed air

Monday 2nd March 2009

The UK's largest supplier of compressed air products and process systems, Thorite, has a new solution for customers in the food, beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and packaging industries who demand absolutely oil-free compressed air - the Bekokat® range of Catalytic Oil Retention systems.

Compressed air in oil-lubricated compressors contains hydrocarbons, in the form of lubricants and oil, as well as gas, vapour and aerosols. Bekokat® features a pressure vessel filled with a specially formulated catalyst granulate which in operation is heated to 150°C, causing the oil particles to be completely transformed inside the pores of the granulate, resulting in a condensate of just two elements - water and carbon dioxide.

After treatment the clean compressed air is cooled in a heat exchanger to approx 10°C - 15°C above inlet and is then available for the chosen application. Bekokat® operates independently of ambient conditions, inlet temperature, oil inlet concentration and relative humidity of the incoming compressed air, discharging compressed air of "breathing air" quality.

The condensate produced by cooling the compressed air is absolutely oil-free and can be fed to the drain without further treatment. The Bekokat® special granulate is both economical and effective for an exceptionally long working period, only needing replacing after 20,000 operating hours.

To ensure totally safe, oil-free processing get full details of the eight model Bekokat® range from Thorite online, or from any of the company's nine regional Sales & Service centres throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East.

EEF - The Manufacturers' Organisation -- The Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier -- CHAS - The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme -- BCAS - British Compressed Air Society -- SafeContractor Approved
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