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Massive money savings for printers

Massive money savings for printers

Monday 23rd March 2009

Engineers at Thorite, the UK's biggest supplier of pneumatic products and process systems, have developed advanced "vac & blow" technology for the printing industry that saves so much energy it has surprised even them! In the test case location a capital investment of £14,800.00 returned an annual saving of £31,100.00!

The new technology refines the existing, over-engineered vacuum and blow processes which machines such as Muller Martini already utilise for collating and saddle stitching.

Working in partnership with a major printing group Thorite has produced a combined vacuum and blow package for Muller Martini and similar machines which constantly adjusts to demand.

Initial trials were conducted on a nine station Muller Martini machine. The existing vacuum and blow pumps were designed to operate all nine stations with no facility for variable flow demand, yet often only 3-5 stations were in use.

Thorite developed a twin solution:
For the vacuum side a variable demand system only uses the energy needed to operate the required number of active stations between one & twelve. If the machine is not in use or temporarily stopped no energy is used.
For the blow side a more energy-efficient method of blow generation was developed, activated by the Muller Martini control system.

Taken together these two solutions create outstanding energy savings. In the test case the Muller Martini was originally using a combined motor power of 13.2kW over 6,000 hours, resulting in a total energy bill of £9,720.00 per year.

This figure doesn't allow for the additional costs for servicing the vacuum and blow pumps which was between £2,000.00 and £3,000.00 each year.

Thorite's energy saving package uses a total motor energy figure of 2.7kW, producing total energy costs of £1,944.00 per year per collating/stitching machine. This figure is based on continuous use, ignoring additional savings when the machine pauses or stops - and the equipment has no notable servicing costs.

Capital investment to install the Thorite package was just £3,700.00 per machine, providing payback in under 6 months.

It's not quite a licence to print money, but in the current economic climate the improved vac & blow technology is the type of development that can give printers that vital competitive advantage

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