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New guide shows how to save energy - and loads of cash

New guide shows how to save energy - and loads of cash

Tuesday 1st December 2009

The UK's biggest distributor of compressed air products and process systems, Thorite, has teamed up with Norgren, the UK's largest supplier of pneumatic products, to produce an indispensable Guide to Energy Saving - and it's completely free of charge!

Many people in industry wrongly assume that compressed air is a cheap or even "free" source of power - it is not, with numerous independent studies confirming that industry wastes around 30% of the compressed air it generates - in a typical 1,000 cfm workshop installation this equates to £12,000 per year.

Compressed air wastage results from leakage, misuse, over pressurisation, pressure drop, inefficient generation, lack of maintenance and poor installation engineering. The new Guide clearly demonstrates how to cut waste and to increase compressed air system efficiency, with the resulting cash savings clearly laid out.

An Energy and Safety section also shows how components fitted for safety reasons, such as pre-set regulators and shut off valves, can also make important contributions to energy savings.

Best of all, the solutions to each problem are explained, the expense of carrying out remedial work shown and the nett savings highlighted - and in every case the resulting savings are out of all proportion to the minor outlay required.

The Guide to Energy Saving is available now from any of Thorite's nine regional Sales and Service Centres located in Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East, or can be ordered direct from the website.

EEF - The Manufacturers' Organisation -- The Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier -- CHAS - The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme -- BCAS - British Compressed Air Society -- SafeContractor Approved
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