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Thorite tubing takes the fuss out of food processing

Tuesday 11th May 2010

The UK's biggest distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, Thorite, has launched a new publication which explains the problems of microbial infection and hydrolysis which can occur when using nylon pneumatic tubing in wet, humid food processing areas particularly in "wash-down" applications.

Called "Festo PUN H Food Industry Pneumatics Tubing" it details how irreversible degradation of the molecular chains (hydrolysis) rapidly occurs when many types of plastic tubing come into contact with warm water or water vapour.

Tubing materials with little stabilisation can suffer a loss of more than 95% of their tensile strength after just 3 weeks exposure to hydrolytic conditions at 80°C.

Festo PUN-H tubing uses a special, high quality ether-polythene rather than the ester-polythene often used for commercial applications. This gives the tubing an important range of benefits, including permanent resistance to microbial attack, resistance to hydrolysis, high levels of chemical stability, and better flexibility at low temperatures.

In addition, because there is no degradation leading to crazing or cracking of the tubing, compressed air leaks which create poor processing performance, increased energy consumption and can be dangerous to operatives, become a thing of the past.

Fuss-free Festo PUN-H tubing is available in a range of diameters and for use with specially designed Festo QS-F "plug and work" fittings. Both ranges can be ordered from the company's National Distribution Centre on freephone 0800 034 5850. Alternatively, they can be ordered from any of the company's nine regional Sales & Service centres located throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East.

"Festo PUN H Food Industry Pneumatics Tubing" brochure is available to download online from the Thorite website in the publications section.

EEF - The Manufacturers' Organisation -- The Carbon Trust - Accredited Supplier -- CHAS - The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme -- BCAS - British Compressed Air Society -- SafeContractor Approved
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