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Eleven goes into one at Dominion Screen & Digital Print - and adds up to real savings

Eleven goes into one at Dominion Screen & Digital Print - and adds up to real savings

Thursday 27th September 2012

If greatly improved production efficiency and massive reductions in energy and plant servicing costs sound interesting, perhaps your company should be talking to Thorite, the UK's biggest compressed air products and process systems distributor - just like Bradford-based Dominion Screen & Digital Print Ltd did.

Established for over 25 years and a leader in the field of large format digital and automated screen printing, Dominion occupies spacious premises and was using eleven small point-of-use compressors in various locations on site to power a range of print production processes.

Thorite was called in to provide advice on the most efficient and economic method of streamlining this operation and came up with a number of fully costed recommendations.

Rather than utilising the eleven individual compressors of varying vintages and performance, Thorite advised the installation of a single, energy efficient Hydrovane HV30RS 30kW variable speed air compressor, complete with dryer and filtration, located in one central compressor house. This compressor has the ability to match its speed of compressed air production with constantly changing demands, so always produces the correct amount without wasting energy.

Thorite also recommended a complete new aluminium ring main to channel the compressed air to precisely where it would be needed, eliminating any danger of pressure drop issues and costly air leakage across the site.

Dominion took Thorite's advice and the installations of both compressor and pipe works are now complete, resulting in a major reduction of energy usage. Thorite is also carrying out all future compressed air system servicing requirements, which are now obviously just a fraction of previous requirements.

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