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Thorite works through the darkness to ensure shopping centre's safety

Thorite works through the darkness to ensure shopping centre's safety

Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Winter weather used to cause major safety headaches at Harrogate's Victoria Shopping Centre. During really cold spells pipework, valves and cylinders located in the Centre's roof space, used to open windows in case of fire or other emergencies, became so cold that any moisture contained in the compressed air within the system would rapidly freeze. This in turn meant the air could not be "dumped" to activate the system.

In addition, routine maintenance and repairs necessitated an engineer abseiling from the ceiling, over a heart-stopping drop to the escalators, to gain access to the various components.

The system urgently needed upgrading and Thorite, the UK's biggest distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, provided the hardware and the expertise to ensure the Centre's safety, whatever the weather.

The window opening system was failing each time external temperatures fell to less than 0°C. Thorite recommended the installation of a dessicant dryer, which gives a pressure dew point to minus 40 degrees, meaning the system would still operate in Siberian conditions, plus filtration, new pipework and a bespoke Thorite-designed and manufactured control panel. 40 new air cylinders were repositioned for more efficient operation and easier access, which eliminated the cost of the abseiler.

The control panel is fitted with a remote contact to allow the Control Room staff to operate the system at the push of a button and dump the air from the system, enabling the windows to open in case of emergencies. So far, so straight forward, but Thorite's installation engineers were the real heroes of this project, working outside in bitter temperatures whilst installing the equipment through the open windows, as well as on TK Max's shop floor, throughout the night after opening hours, in the dark!

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