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Eco-Fair to show business how to cut costs and save energy

Eco-Fair to show business how to cut costs and save energy

Monday 8th April 2013

Eco-Fair 2013, to be held at Leeds United Football Ground on May 9th, is the North of England's largest free-to-attend annual environmental event. Visitors can attend best-practice briefings from a range of well known Yorkshire companies and Thorite will be exhibiting for the third consecutive year.

Eco-Fair will comprise 100 stands and welcome around 1000 delegates from a broad range of northern businesses, with a major focus on Mechanical and Electrical Contractors. The event's stated aims are to inspire change, provide solutions and save money, which fits perfectly with a range of Thorite services including air audits and system reviews, plus specialist energy-efficient products such as intelligent controllers and variable speed compressors.

Experienced Thorite personnel will be on hand to explain that around 10% of industry's utility energy expenditure goes on generating compressed air. Unfortunately many people wrongly assume that compressed air is a cheap or even "free" source of power. This could not be further from the truth, with numerous independent studies confirming that industry wastes around 30% of the compressed air it produces - in a typical 1,000cfm workshop installation this equates to £12,000 per year.

There are many reasons for compressed air wastage, including leakage, misuse, over pressurisation, pressure drop, inefficient generation, lack of maintenance and poor installation engineering. But with over well over 150 years of pneumatic engineering experience Thorite has the expertise, the products and the systems to put an end to all these and many other related problems, resulting in immediate cost and energy savings.

The Rt. Hon. Greg Barker, Minister of State for Climate Change, will deliver a keynote speech at Eco-Fair 2013 as part of a varied speaker programme. In addition to attending these events visitors will be able to join in with interactive sessions and enjoy valuable opportunities to network with national and regional businesses.

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