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Why ISO 11011 is so important to ensure compressed air energy efficiency

Why ISO 11011 is so important to ensure compressed air energy efficiency

Monday 28th October 2013

October's Environmental Update from ECOskills, which specialises in training for green business skills, held at the Leeds Club in late October and attended by local industry leaders and environmentalists, included a presentation on new International Standards designed to rationalise and improve compressed air energy efficiency assessments.

The new standards are covered by ISO 11011:2013 and were discussed by Stephen Boults, Capital Equipment Manager at Thorite.

Stephen explained that over 10% of electricity consumed by British industry is used to generate compressed air, yet many unmanaged systems waste 30-40% of the compressed air produced at a time when electricity costs are soaring. Reducing current energy costs is the main driver for instigating an energy efficiency assessment, yet up to now virtually anybody could offer to provide energy surveys, air audits and data logging of compressed air usage, to no recognised standard, with wildly varying results and findings.

ISO 11011 changes all this: It sets out requirements for conducting an energy efficiency assessment covering 3 aspects of compressed air systems - Supply, Transmission and Demand. It also covers analysis of the assessment data, documents the findings and accurately estimates the energy savings which will be achieved, as well as setting standards for the competency of the assessor and the assessment methodology, objectives and scope.

Speaking after the presentation Stephen Boults said: "People are surprised at how a free element like the air we breathe becomes so expensive once it's compressed - and amazed that the leak from a single 3mm hole in pipework can cost over £2000 per year in wasted energy. ISO 11011 enables industry to receive accurate assessments of the savings achievable by professional management of compressed air systems and the installation of energy-efficient compressors and controllers. It's a win-win situation for those companies that implement ISO 11011's new energy efficiency assessments, as less electrical power consumption not only saves money but also cuts carbon emissions too."

The Environmental Update was organised by Eco-Network and jointly sponsored by Provident Financial Group and the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

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