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Compressed air auditing

Compressed air leaks

Are you aware of the high cost of compressed air leaks?

A single 3mm dia. leak could cost you up to £600.00 per annum. Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air, up to 40% of an un-managed systems total air usage may be leakage. A program should be set up to report leaks and they should be repaired as soon as possible to minimise losses. Either as part of a full compressed air audit or simply as an air leak reduction survey, Thorite offer a compressed air leak detection service which will estimate the leakage rate, the leakage costs, the repairs costs, and even repair the leaks if required.

Ultrasonic surveys explained

We carry out compressed air leak detection surveys utilising the very latest ultrasonic survey handguns known as ULDs (Ultrasonic Leak Detectors). These very sensitive pieces of equipment pinpoint high frequency sound waves produced by leaks from compressed air pipe work and components. Electrical circuitry in the ULD transforms the normally inaudible ultrasonic sound into a much more audible hiss in the operator's earphones. The system is very accurate and hence the source of the leak is easy to pinpoint.

Ultrasonic survey guns can also be used to detect problems that occur in fluid power, water, steam and even vacuum systems. The use of a ULD device is also very convenient since equipment may be tested while online.

Ultrasound is a high frequency short wave signal, hence there are distinct advantages to using ultrasound for leak surveys:

  • ultrasound is very directional
  • ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded
  • ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy factory environments
  • ultrasound changes provide early warnings of potential problems.

The survey

Utilising the leak detectors, our systems experts will tour the site identifying any leaks and will classify them by their high cost and ease of repair. By selecting this way we can offer quick savings for minimal outlay. A comprehensive report will be provided highlighting all problem areas with associated potential cost savings and quote for repair.

If you'd like us to help you make savings potentially running into thousands of pounds please contact Steve Boults on 0800 034 5850 or email

Carry out your own surveys

We can supply our ULD1 ultrasonic leak detector for your own use. Take a look at the ULD1 on our website here.

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