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Foundation in hydraulics


Training Course




The course is designed to familiarise delegates with the construction and operation of hydraulic components.

Investigating the construction and operation of a range of hydraulic equipment, the course covers the fundamental principles of hydraulics as well as the individual components.

Valves controlling pressure, flow rate, sequence and direction of flow are included and practical exercises are used to demonstrate their operation, based on standard symbol circuit diagrams drawn by the delegates. Maintenance and a systematic approach to fault finding are also covered.

A strong emphasis is placed on safety and appropriate working practices throughout the course, especially during the
practical sessions. Particular attention is paid to the storage of pressure with accumulators or suspended loads.

Target group - All personnel involved with the design, assembly, maintenance, operation and servicing of hydraulic systems.

Previous knowledge - General engineering background

Syllabus -
SI units and conversions
Basic principles and definitions
Drawing symbols
The power pack
Pump efficiency test
Pressure limiting valves
Hydraulic cylinders
Directional control valves
Valve port labelling
Flow control, meter-in and meter-out
Counter-balance valves
Pressure compensated flow control
Sequence valves
Hydraulic motors
Motor circuits
Pressure regulation
Pilot operated valves
Care of hydraulic oils
Pipe sizing and installation
Overview of proportional hydraulics

Training outcomes -
On completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the principles of hydraulics
2. Understand the basic functions of hydraulic systems
3. Understand the functions of valves (flow control, pressure control, directional control and non-return)
4. Recognise circuit symbols and diagrams to ISO 1219
5. Design and construct basic hydraulic circuits
6. Understand safe practice
7. Understand the functions of power packs, pumps, filters and reservoirs
N.B. Course contents are only a guide and will be covered as far as time permits.

Course duration - 3 days
Practical exercises are used throughout the course.
Candidates will also use FluidSIM, a software package for the design and simulation of fluid power
circuits. To download a free demonstration version of FluidSIM visit

Price - £925.00

2018 Course dates -  15 - 17 May 2018 | 16 -18 October 2018

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