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Training course

The Course is for delegates with a basic knowledge of pneumatic control (Thorite Academy - Foundation in Pneumatics) who require a wider practical understanding of signalling and control, incorporating electrical devices and Programmable Logic Controllers.

The programme introduces the various control media used in automation systems and explains the operation of some of the components used to allow the delegates to compare control methods.

The course covers the control of pneumatic actuators using pneumatic and electrical signalling devices, together with the use of PLCs. The construction and operation of valves and sensors is investigated and used in the construction of control circuits.

Solutions to control problems are written in Ladder Diagram and Statement List format. Circuit diagrams using standard symbols are also developed and used during practical exercises.

On completion of the course, the delegate is left with a comprehensive understanding of various control methods and practical experience of the components and their role.

A strong emphasis is placed on safety and appropriate working practices throughout the course, especially during the practical sessions.

Target group

All personnel involved in the design, installation, maintenance and servicing of systems that contain pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC equipment.

Previous knowledge

General engineering background (Delegates will ideally have completed the `Foundation in Pneumatics` course)


  • SI units and conversions
  • Symbols for pneumatic and electrical equipment
  • Function and operation of pneumatic valves
  • Speed and pressure control
  • Comparisons of pneumatic, electric and PLC control
  • Logic functions
  • Relays
  • Proximity sensors
  • Programing PLCs in Ladder diagram, Statement list
  • System documentation
  • Sequence control

Training outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Read and understand pneumatic circuit diagrams to recognised international standards
  • Read and understand simple PLC programs
  • Recognise pneumatic and electrical components and understand their functions
  • Recognise the component parts of simple PLC systems and understand their functions
  • Construct simple pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC control circuits
  • Understand and generate simple PLC programs
  • Determine how pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC systems interface to each other
  • Compare pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and PLC systems as solutions to simple applications

NOTE: Course contents are only a guide and will be covered as far as time permits.

Candidates will also use FluidSIM, a software package for the design and simulation of fluid power circuits. To download a free demonstration version of FluidSIM visit

Course dates

  • 26 - 28 March 2019
  • 24 - 26 September 2019


3 days


£875.00 (+VAT)

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