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Compressed air for dentists

Specifically designed for the air quality requirements of the dental industry, Thorite provide a range of higher quality compressors providing clean dry compressed air with 100% operation, low noise level, reliability and long lifetime.

The JunAir  range of air compressors meet the need for oil-free compressed air in the modern dental clinic. The compressors are quiet in operation and are rated for continuous duty with a long life expectancy. The compressor receivers are internally coated to resist corrosion and the compressors are suitable for single and multiple surgeries.

The adsorption air dryer efficiently removes the water vapour immediately after compression of the air, ensuring that the conditions for the survival of bacteria has been completely eliminated before the compressed air is accumulated in the receiver of the compressor. The compressed air used for instruments, patients and staff is, therefore, 100% dry, clean and without bacteria meeting the requirements of Pharmacopiae, HTM2022 and HTM02-01.


Typical sample from a compressor without dryer - moisture in the air provides ideal conditions for bacterial growth.

Dry Air

Sample taken from an oil-less compressor with dryer - as the air is dry, the risk of bacterial growth is eliminated.

Source: "Focus on hygiene in dental compressors" by Finn Djurhuus, chief adviser and head of section for DTI Industri.
    "Focus on hygiene in dental compressors" by Finn Djurhuus (English)

With a compact and elegant design the JunAir range of compressors from Thorite provide a complete compressed air solution for your dental clinic.

Supported by a comprehensive service plan there are a range of options for single to multiple surgery operations. Cabinet mounted options are also available reducing the noise down to 47 - 63 dB(A).

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The British Compressed Air Society in cooperation from the BDTA have compiled a Code of Practice for the Dental Industry.

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