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Vacuum ejectors

How vacuum ejectors work

Ejectors work on the Venturi principle; they are divided into single-stage ejectors and ejectors featuring multi-stage technology.

The diagram shows a single stage ejector, in a multi-stage ejector the vacuum passes through several venturi nozzles arranged in a row. The volumes of the individual nozzles add up to form a total suction rate. Referring again to the diagram, the compressed air is supplied through connection to ejectors. It flows through the venturi nozzle and is accelerated and compressed during this process. After passing through the nozzle, the accelerated air slows down once again and a vacuum is created. Air is drawn in this way through the vacuum connection shown in orange. The aspirated air and the compressed air escape through the silencer to atmosphere.

Vacuum cups or pads are used largely in conjunction with ejectors to carry out the multitude of tasks required in factory automation.Thorite carries a comprehensive selection to suit 99.99% of applications. Please contact us if you don't find what you need on here.

Advantages of ejectors over electric vacuum pumps

  • Compact shape
  • Low weight
  • Fast vacuum generation
  • No flexible parts, resulting in low maintenance and low wear
  • Choose an installation position
  • No heat generation

Typical applications

  • Glass handling
  • Palletisation
  • Packaging handling
  • Paper production and printing

We offer many solutions to Vacuum Generation through the use of Ejectors and most are based nowadays on the high efficency compressed air driven multi-stage ejector principle. We offer vacuum ejectors from PIAB, Norgren, SMC and Festo. All have their own features and benefits, but more importantly all are market leaders in Factory Automation.

For more information on how vacuum systems can help with the efficiency of your production and reduce your costs - please contact 0800 092 1273 or email

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