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Lots of air at The Corrugated Case Company thanks to Derby City Council and Thorite

Monday 25th June 2018

Based in Chesterfield, The Corrugated Case Company specialises in the design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard, fibreboard packaging and promotional material. This is a highly competitive marketplace where only those companies who are prepared to invest will grow. With a range of new machines, fast delivery times and market leading product quality this is not likely to be a problem for The Corrugated Case Company. What was a problem though, was their compressor.

The Corrugated Case Company’s 2006 fixed speed 18.5 kw compressor was struggling to keep up with the increased demand from the additional machinery. Indeed, at times it was at capacity. With the decision made to purchase a larger compressor, an application was made to Derby City Council for an Energy Efficiency Grant. This was approved.

In the meantime, Thorite offered to data-log the existing compressor over a seven day period to determine air usage and electricity costs. The figures showed that by replacing the 18.5kw compressor for a 22kw Hydrovane variable speed compressor, energy savings of £1,023.17 per annum were possible. The decision was also made to keep the existing compressor as standby.

In addition to the new compressor, a new refrigerant dryer with filters was purchased to allow for the extra flow delivered by the new compressor. Also, to keep both the compressors running as they should the company opted for a Premier Cover Service Contract thereby ensuring the compressors run at maximum efficiency and performance for the full 5 year lifetime of the warranty service contract.

Andrew Levers is the Finance Director at The Corrugated Case Company:

“For any company, the purchase of a large piece of equipment such as a compressor is a major event. But from the initial data-logging through to installation, Thorite was there to answer any questions that we had and were thoroughly professional throughout the whole process. To be able to save over £1,000 a year just goes to show how the latest technology can save energy and costs.”

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