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Compressed air system audits and surveys

Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air. A 3mm diameter leak could cost your business over £2,000 per year, with potential for up to 40% of an unmanaged system’s total air-usage being lost to leakage, whilst electricity costs continue to soar.

A comprehensive programme should be established to report leaks, enabling them to be repaired as soon as possible to minimise losses. Thorite offer a comprehensive compressed-air leak detection service, either as part of a full compressed air audit or simply as an air-leak reduction survey.

Thorite carry out compressed air-leak detection surveys in accordance with the latest ISO standard compressed air energy efficiency assessment ISO011011:2013

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Leeds - Specialist Engineering Company                     West Yorkshire - Wire Drawing Business      

Leakage cost: £6,700                                                       Leakage cost: £7,900
Cost of repair: £2,115                                                      Cost of repair: £1,900
Payback time: 4 months                                                 Payback time: 3 months
Savings: £4,585 year 1 (£6,700 thereafter)                  Savings: £6,000 year 1 (£7,900 thereafter)

What our customers think

“Following a site survey, Thorite recommended a rationalisation program to reduce our inventory and improve efficiency thereby reducing our costs.”

Andy Taylor, Small Pack Engineering Manager - Carlsberg

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